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Your Kauai Kayak Adventure

Welcome to the Wailua River’s most popular tour. We take you kayaking on the majestic Wailua River, the largest navigable river in Hawaii! Experience a tropical garden paradise of abundant palms, ferns, flowers and wildlife. Walk into the rainforest and swim in a hidden waterfall only accessible by foot!


Paddle past Kamokila Village, a cultural village depicting the Hawaiian civilization back in the 17th century. This fantastic setting makes a perfect shooting location for Hollywood films! One of the most recognized being the opening scenes for the movie “Outbreak”!


Soon you will arrive at the north fork, where you will paddle leisurely through the Garden Isle’s most beautiful jungle scenery. Upon docking our kayaks we will begin our moderate trek through the Wailua rainforest. This valley was the home of the first Hawaiians, who paddled from the Marquesas Islands to Kauai almost 1500 years ago. Hear the legends of royalty and learn about the flora and fauna of Kauai’s most sacred land.


Your hike concludes at the enchanting Uluwehi Waterfall. This amazing cascade descends 125’ into a natural pool surrounded by rocks and vegetation. Take a refreshing dip and play in the falls which were once only reserved for a king!

History of the Wailua River

The sacred Wailua was the land of Ali’i (kings) and was the epicenter of royal power on the island. This region hosted the political, religious and social centers of Kauai’s chiefs.  Therefore it was deemed kapu (forbidden) for anyone to enter if they were not of royal descent. The Wailua Complex of Heiaus is a National Historic Landmark, located on the hillside above the Wailua River.

Inclusions and Details

Cold Filtered Water-

Fill up any container with cold, filtered water at our kiosk.

** As an Eco Tour Company we highly recommend the utilization of reusable beverage containers. We have now discontinued the distribution of single serve plastic water bottles. This has stemmed the disposal of nearly 17,000 plastic bottles annually from our company alone!

Dry bag backpacks –

Provided to carry your belongings throughout the day.

Day Coolers-

Small day use coolers provided for each family to carry your lunch.

Expert Kauai Guide

Always there to answer your questions and help you navigate the beautiful Wailua River Valley!


Kayak Adventures is devoted to making your time with us the most interesting and fun of all the activities available on our beautiful island. It is advised  to book your trip in advance as we often sell out!  Our groups  are limited to 12 people per tour, 5 days a week.


**There are no Wailua River guided tours allowed on Saturdays or Sundays per State of Hawaii regulations. 

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Jason Smith · June 7, 2023 at 2:12 pm

We had a fantastic experience on the kayak trip with our guide Levi. He was very knowledgeable and made it a lot of fun. We had an amazing experience. Levi made us all feel very comfortable and like Ohana. Highly recommend this tour and if you are lucky enough to get Levi that is a huge bonus. The hike was beautiful and the river kayaking was pretty easy.

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